Increase your business by 80%

Does this work?

We all know the days of making 100 phones calls to get one lead is well and truly over and lets face it unless you was a hardened sales person no one really liked doing it because deep down we all knew what that feels like!

Some people still prefer to send out personal letters that include a follow up call and hey you might get some success from it – even after spending all that money on the paper and stamps!

So what can we do to bring in more business?

Well it just so happens that we at geekeey have been studying this exact thing and you need to get some things in place before proceeding for real success and we have created a little check list – More importantly if they do need what you have to offer then why will they choose you over the huge choice out there and that is where we start this process;

  1. They say you can tell a person by their shoes, first impressions will last and like your business your brand, your identity, your website is the first thing people will see and like an unclean, scruffy pair of shoes people can judge very quickly on whether to stay or move on – your look and feel is so important today more than ever before as more people do business online, people connect share information – we can not stress enough this small part is paramount in the first steps to creating new business.
  2. What good is there having a stunning, professional looking business website if no one knows it exists? which leads me to SEO (search engine optimisation) did you know just small amounts set to a budget can really make big differences, yes we can all spend thousands but let’s be realistic here who has thousands to spend on SEO, but just using a little bit of common sense in our approach can work wonders.
  3. Social Media – we found that 73% of businesses are still NOT utilising social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In sure they may have a page but that’s it maybe the odd post 🙁 again small budgets can boost your profile bring people to your site for more information.
  4. Mailchimp and others – did know you can send 12000 emails a day through Mailchimp absolutely free? You know and believe that what you offer is the best on the market and the service you offer is better than anyone elses so why are you not singing it from the trees? Email campaigns are a great tool as they let you see who opens your email, what pages they visit which allow you to get great feedback, sure it is a must?

Reach more businesses than we could ever dream of!

From a small screen and an internet connection you have the ability to reach millions of potential new customers – your services, your products are the best out there and if don’t believe that to be the case then why are you wasting your time?

shutterstock_415060285Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.47.57Geekeey-SEO

Websites can cost a huge amount of money, we even heard that a charity was charged £20k for what we would call a basic website but because it was written in Ruby on Rails don’t get me wrong it looked pleasant but £20k really and a charity! Please dont be put off by this we are not all chalitains, for example we have created some stunning sites that only cost £500 and we have created some real complex sites for as much as £5k but again read point number what do you really need? you can have a stunning looking website that has 5 pages all in for £500.

Way too much

When we get asked to inspect a client’s current website we find that some businesses have pages and pages of information that no one and we mean no one really reads and to be honest can be quite confusing because the navigation has no thought out flow to it.

Geekeey’s approach (the less is more concept) delivers a real punch that people can see, find and enjoy for example;

  • Display you best selling service right up front
  • Don’t write paragraph after paragraph of how great it is, keep it short, make it easy to read (this also helps search engines) Google for example much prefers short content to long winding dribble
  • Use bright clear images, no one likes blurs all over a page, make them look good, put them where they can shine and label the images again all helps with SEO
  • Don’t clutter a page, look at Google, look at Apple, clean crisp easy to the eye, the brain shuts off when too much is displayed in front them, box clever
  • Media is important some people are finding real success by displaying videos of services and how it has helped current clients
  • Ask your clients for testimonials – you don’t need many just a couple to show that you are loved as business, people believe people
  • Be upfront, many hide certain factors like prices but the more upfront you are the more people will believe in your company
  • Make it easy to get in touch, to ask questions, you need your customers to engage with you, social media can be good for this, get your clients to be part of a group create a buzz

If you are not doing the above but are happy then thats great but I think we all want to generate more business right? what’s your reasons, MONEY? or do you believe that you have a service or product that can really help or change people’s lives?

I know what one we are….



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