Web Design in Chelmsford, Essex

Web Design in Chelmsford, Essex

So you have a web design – it might be looking pretty it might not! but is it working for you? – this is a staggering amount right?

Let’s be realistic here who really looks at your website and reads through it all thoroughly? Let me tell you who, “your competitors”  maybe they are re-designing their website or just checking out the competition! but what about your current clients/customers or new clients/customers don’t you want them to visit your site – keep your business, your brand fresh in their minds?

So ask yourself this, what can your website do for you, after-all you pay monthly for it right, to be hosted at least!

So it is information website telling everyone what you do (YAWWWWWWNN!) so what does that mean to me? absolutely nothing… so what can you do?

Well this is something we at Geekeey have been closely looking at and we found people like interaction, watching and using things, for example we just built a site that presented people with a little quiz that gave them a score and showed them how others have done all about the services this company were doing and they add a new quiz monthly and this site went from a few hits per month to lots and lots and produced new business.

Web Design In Chelmsford, Essex

Web Design

Interaction is key – media, quizzes, music, news get you audience engage make it fun but keep it professional Virgin is a great example of this!

Also cut it down in size we see so many websites with 100s of pages dribbling on about nothing WHY? the average person will stay on a website no more than 8 seconds and while they are there do you really want to blow their minds with so much content that they have a melt down? or keep it short sweet interactive and show them what they really want too see.

Picture a supermarket if you will – now you say to yourself I just need to pop in for – Oooo I don’t know lets say some milk but do you ever just come out with milk? I hear you chuckling to yourself of course the answer is NO and for some reason you now have chocolate, bottle of wine, bread and so on. well this is the same principle with your business website, You need a big PUNCH that shows hey this is what I do but guess what this works well with it in fact having this service with this product will change the game for you they didn’t know they wanted the wine or chocolate but hey they do now!

This is where we at Geekeey are different – we want your business to boom online, new business is now being generated through the power of online, either by social media, websites, click funnels and so on…

Have you realised your online potential yet?



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