Website Hosting – Is this costing you a fortune?

With so many options out there it can be a confusing place, shared hosting, dedicated, virtual, WordPress “Arrrhhh” what does it all mean?

First lets explain what this all mean to give you an understanding, now I know you don’t like tech speak but this could save you money so keep with me on this!

Shared Hosting: This is a massive platform of servers where you can host your website and you will get a small slice of the bandwidth and space – This is good for people who don’t have many hits or much content and is quite cheap to host on. You can upgrade on this platform to clustering (more than one server) and more space.

Dedicated Hosting: Now this is where it get’s interesting (lol tech speak interesting) okay if your a geek like us! dedicated hosting is where you have your very own server, your own space and 1GB network – This baby will take on anything and there are a range of specs to choose from, so if you find that your website is slow then maybe you need take your site to the next level. Also worth noting if read my SEO page you will know that Google doesn’t like slow loading websites and you can loose good SEO on this so speed is good!

Virtual Hosting: This is like shared hosting with some ommpphh, so here is a server and we then cut the server into sections you rent one of the sections with some up scalability and some good network bandwidth would I use it mmm Nah!! don’t see them point but I’m sure there people out there who see it different!

WordPress Hosting: Mmmm WordPress hosting, well as we all know WordPress is very popular for website designers, secure, easy to manage, inbuilt content management system runs on MySQL and php, and there hosting companies out there saying we host WordPress and if you have a WP site then this is the place for you. So what is this some magical server platform that bring new mystical powers just for WordPress? or is this just another server/shared platform to host on! NOT CONVINCED SORRY PEEPS…

So there you have it hosting in all its glory, there are lots of people hosting out there all offering the best prices or the fastest platforms in all different countries but at least with this you are armed and ready to tackle head on.

My advice, if your site is new start with shared hosting see how it goes, it is much cheaper and do what it says on the tin then go from there!

We can help and advise on this so if your still not sure drop us a line…

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